Welcome to The Honest Wine Drinker. Here we enjoy all wine whether it be a low cost, easy to drink, mass produced label or a more expensive, complex, sip to savour quality vintage. In our wine tastings you will find sweet & dry, fizzy & flat, classic & modern methods, and every colour (yes even the blue stuff!) Some are quaffed in quantity with little notice given to the flavour, but enjoyed for their simplicity and fun. Others are given the time and appreciation they demand for their wonderfully balanced and unique blends.

Each glass consumed has its place and we embrace them all

What you won’t find here is any wine snobbery. If it’s wine we’ll try it and, more often than not, like it. It’s not for us to tell you which wines you should enjoy, that is a journey only you can take. So whether you prefer Champagne or Prosecco, a vintage Chablis or a mass produced Chardonnay, we applaud your wine drinking and hope you will find something to tempt you in this blog

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