J.Gavarné Brut Nature Cava 2018

Cava is, I think, the only denomination original in Spain that is not geographically based. You can have cava (which comes from the word for cave) from various regions in spain, but the majority come from Cataluña which is where they were first introduced. Cava is made by the exact same process as champagne and in fact was introduced to Spain in 1851 when a blight in Cataluña killed off much of the red wine grapes. Someone, I forget who, from Spain’s oldest Cava house, Cordoniu, visited the Champagne region to learn new ideas of what to do with the white wine grape varieties left. 

Cava was born! Well done that man! 🍾🥂

This is a classic white cava using the main grapes of Macabeu, Paralleda and Xarel-lo. These days they are allowed to use chardonnay and pinot noir as well. It is apparently made by the same guy who owns the building that Madrid & Darracott rent. That just sums up the Spanish wine industry, everyone is at it! 

It’s a very young Cava and dry (Brut nature being the driest version of Cava). It has a lemony scent, with a hint of yeast and that fizzy scent you get from carbonated water. It has a very light refreshing flavour, dry and clean with just a hint of fruit. Not very complex, but a great palette cleanser and would be perfect on a hot summer’s day.

I liked it 😀😀

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