Parcela 12 Tinto 2015

Onto to some red wine with a bit a oomph about it. This wine is made by the same group that does Tio Pepe. They’ve started to buy parcels of land to experiment with lesser known grape varieties ….. I love it when they do that!

In this case the grape is Graciano which is usually used in smaller percentages and mixed with the Spanish red heavyweights of Tempranillo or Garnacha. The reason for this is that it is very difficult to grow, produces low yields and is susceptible to disease. So way to go Tio Pepe! These particular grapes were grown on the parcel of land numbered 12, hence the name of the wine, and it was matured for 8 months in new French oak barrels.

I have tried the Graciano grape only once before at the Alcala de Henares wine festival, where it was mixed in with Tempranillo. As I recall I quite liked it so I was looking forward to checking it out on its own. You know I love to find new grape varieties. ­čŹç­čŹç

Woohoo! I love this grape. It has been noted as another red that I like and will be keeping an eye out for in the future. 

The scent was full of liquorice with a hint of red fruits. I often see liquorice in the wine description on the bottle, but so very rarely smell it, but with this wine you couldn’t miss it. All very promising. In taste it was a nice light elegant wine, slightly spicy with the hint of red fruit. I didn’t get the liquorice flavour but both the spice and fruit were very subtle so maybe I missed it. 

Regardless I thoroughly enjoyed this wine and bought a bottle to take home, after I’d sneaked a second glass ­čśÇ­čśÇ.

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