Torno Tinto Crianza

I drank this at the same wine tasting as the Parcel 12 red wine. I was so taken with the previous wine and drank a fair bit of it so that I kind of stopped paying attention by the time we got to this one. Completely forgot to photo the bottle, so I have no idea of the year we tried…. Sorry.

This is a Riojan Crianza made from Tempranillo grape which has been matured for 12 months. However the grapes were actually grown in the Burgos region over the border from Rioja. Apparently back in the day this part of Burgos belonged to Rioja but the borders were redrawn. However because it is such an old established winery it got to keep the Rioja denomination.

It had a spicy scent with a bit of liquorice, but I’m not sure if that was lingering from the last wine. A soft and gentle flavour with some structure. Some spice and red fruit, but like I said, I wasn’t paying attention. Interestingly looking at my notes there is not great deal of difference in the description between this and the Parcela 12 wine, but I know I definitely preferred Parcela 12. These spicy reds are borderline wines for me. I don’t have the palette to appreciate heavier more structured red wines and, whilst I wouldn’t say this was a heavy wine, I guess it just tipped over the edge of what I can handle, whilst the previous one didn’t.

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