The other day I went to a wine tasting at Tomovinos in barrio Salamanca. A place I have written about previously. They bring in wine tasting experts from other organisations who select wines from the Tomevinos stock.

This week the wine expert was Jimena Cristo from Colourful Wines. She selected four wines to go with a Wine and Chocolate tasting. It included a really great selection of white, rose and red wines with very distinct flavours. The combination with the chocolate (provided by Sensaciones de Chocolate) was phenomenal.

This lady knew her stuff and gave just the right amount of information versus actual drinking and appreciation the wine. She knew when to go into more detail and when to keep it light, according to the level of her audience. The tasting itself was done in Spanish but one of the audience didn’t speak Spanish so well and Jimena translated into English for her.

I had a look at the Colourful Wines website and they do a range of activities from wine tours, wine tastings and day trips to Bodegas. The services are available in English and Spanish. If the tasting I went to is anything to go by then I would recommend checking this company out.

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