Pirineos Blanco 2017

This was the first in four wines at the Colourwines.com wine and chocolate tasting at Tomovinos Barrio Salamanca, and it was an absolute gem! A buttery Chardonnay ­čśő­čśő.

OK I know what you’re thinking. Why all the excitement over a buttery Chardonnay? What you have to understand is that here in Spain this is a rare thing. Spain excels in fruity wines, but not so much on the creamy/buttery side. One of the guests at the tasting was from California where they are apparently awash in these types of chardonnays. They have a name for them: ‘A butter shag’ …… Very nice I’m sure ­čśĽ. However even he had to admit that this was a lovely version.

A clear medium gold colores wine. It had a lovely aroma of butter and nuts over citrus fruits. It is a dry light white with medium acidity so a nice smooth drink. It tastes creamy with green apples and a medium tangy finish of citrus fruit. So not a complete butter shag as Spain has added it’s own fruitiness to the wine.

I really liked this wine, but would have liked more of the butter to come through in the flavour. However I was well chuffed when I won a bottle in the end of tasting raffle.

This wine was paired with white chocolate with dried passion fruit pieces. I’m not a fan of white chocolate but will admit it was a good pairing. It toned down the wine’s acidity and brought out the creaminess.

Name: Pirineos Blanco
Colour: White
Year: 2017
Grapes Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanco
Winery: Bodega Pirineos, part of the Barbadillo Group
Country: Spain
Region: Somontano
Quality Classification: Demoninacion de Origin
Alcohol: 13.t%
Price: 5,65ÔéČ

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