BO Bobal Único 2016

The third wine at the Wine and Chocolate tasting. This is a classic red wine from the Utiel region in Valencia using the local grape variety of Bobal. I’ve had a few of these wines. They’re my go to when I’m visiting Alicante and can usually be relied on for a light fruity red.

This wine was no exception. It is a clear purple red in colour with a medium intensity scent of red fruit. A dry wine with low tannins and a light body and the slightly sour taste of red currant with a short finish.

This wine was paired with a 65% dark chocolate using Criollo de Sur del Lago coco from Venezuela. The chocolate was very nice as it wasn’t bitter like some dark chocolates. It definitely complemented the wine bringing out the fruit flavours more. In fact I’d say the wine tasted better with the chocolate than on its own.

Name:BO Bobal Unico
Grapes100% Bobal
Winery:Bodega Vincente Gandia
Region:DO Utiel-Requena
Quality Classification:Denominacion de Origen

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