Hoopenburg Bushvine Pinotage

Shortly after my last wine tasting in Madrid I left on one of my frequent trips to the UK. It wasn’t my intention to do any wine tasting on this trip, preferring to focus on the drinking instead ­čĄ¬­čĄ¬. However when one of my favourite restaurants had run out of the lovely Malbec I usually order there, I thought ‘ooh! Look they’ve got a South African Pinotage.’ Well it just had to be tried to make sure my last tasting was not a fluke and this was indeed a grape I should pay more attention to.

Thankfully I can say ‘Yes!’ Pinotage is definitely now on my list of go to Red Wines.

This Pinotage was not as interesting as the last one. It had none of the smokiness, in fact it tasted completely different, but was still scrummy.

A medium intensity purple red coloured wine. It had a sweet spice and blackberry scent. It is a dry red with low tannins and a light body…my favourite type ­čśü­čśü. It tasted like blackberry pie without added sugar. I.e the slightly sour taste of just ripened blackberries. Lovely, I mean who doesn’t like blackberry pie! I didn’t get the spicy flavour of the scent but I rarely do, so it could have been there. It had a very clean finish.

Another thumbs up for South African Pinotages.

Note: The price quoted below is the online retail price in the UK. When bought in a restaurant it’s about double that.

Name: Hoopenberg Bushvine Pinotage
Colour: Red
Year: 2015
Grapes Pinotage
Winery: Hoopenburg Wines
Country: South Africa
Region: Stellenbosch
Quality Classification: Unknown
Alcohol: 14%
Price: £8.50

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