Monopole Blanco 2017

You may recall that in a recent wine tasting (click here for the link) I discussed how I used to avoid Riojan whites because I had a bad history with them. Then at that tasting I was given one that I loved and decided that maybe I should look into them some more.

I did a quick google research and most Riojan whites are made with the Viura grape with a smattering of other grape varieties allowed in small doses. Well this was odd, because Viura is just another name for Macabeo which is a grape I usually like. I then found an article on the centenary of the Riojan White DOC. Some guy was raving about the fact that a few bodegas had produced a centenary white in the ‘old style’ when they used to mix in some Jerez sherry. That would explain it because I am not a sherry fan. Fortunately modern Riojan Whites no longer do this as tastes have changed. Now they are much more my cup of tea.

The other weekend I found myself in Haro, Rioja on a course. I didn’t have much time outside of the course to explore but did manage to sneak a couple of Riojan Whites in to test my theory that these wines should be firmly back on my table. The theory held true. I really like them.

The Monopole white is made from 100% Viura. This is known to be a very aromatic grape variety of low to medium acidity, which works for me, and this wine is a good example of that. A clear pale lemon colour it has a light nose of rose petals, white fruit and citrus. It tastes exactly as it smells: a nice fruity/floral mix with a light refreshing citrus finish.

This is not a particularly complex wine, but it is nicely blended and very easy to drink. I thoroughly enjoyed this wine.

Photo by honestwinedrinker
Photo by honestwinedrinker

Name: Monopole
Colour: White
Year: 2017
Grapes 100% Viura (Macabeo)
Winery: Compañia Vinicola del Norte de España
Country: Spain
Region: Rioja
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origen Calificada
Alcohol: 14%
Price: 5,80€

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