Award Winning Madrid Wines

Well done to the six Madrid Bodegas who were awarded this year’s gold and silver Bacchus Awards against competition of 1500 wines from 15 different countries. Look out for these guys in the shops. Gold Award 750 (2007) by Bodegas Nueva Valverde Las Moradas-Initio (20122) by Viñedos San Martín (2011) Silver Award Pedro García Malvar … Continue reading Award Winning Madrid Wines

The Spanish Wine Being Passed Off as French

A major scandal in recent years is the Spanish rose wine being exported to France by the truckload then relabelled to make it look French. Consumers have been drinking it not realising it is Spanish. This confirms two things for me which we’ve always known. These days Spanish wine is just as good as French … Continue reading The Spanish Wine Being Passed Off as French