What Vino Type are You

At a wine tasting the other day we were introduced to this cool little quiz that helps to define what type of wine taster you are between sweet, hypersensitive, sensitive and tolerant.

No idea how accurate it is, but it’s a bit of fun and I love the fact that it’s title is so Spanglish.

I’m apparently hypersensitive. Apparently we talk dry but think sweet, prefer more delicate floral wines, avoid bitter And tend to go more for white wines. It is true that I can’t do bitter. However, I’m not keen on sweet wines either, but do prefer fruit led dry wines, which often seem sweeter. I am historically a white wine drinker, but have developed a taste for reds, though not the full bodied high tannin ones as yet. I’m slowly trying to work my way to a sensitive wine drinker ( those who like most stuff).

Click on the image below to take the test yourself. Remember it’s just a bit fun and it matters not what type you are, just that you drink what you like.

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