Mud House Sauvignon Blanc Rose

Stranded at Standsted airport whilst the striking French leave my plane delayed by one and a half hours. I’ve finally caved and nipped into Weatherspoons for a glass of wine.

This is not a pub I’m fond of on the whole but the choices here are few. There’s your typical champagne bar (bit above my touch) and one other bar that’s rarely full. Having read their wine list (£11 for a small glass ….WTF!!!) I now understand why. So weatherspoons it is.

Their wine list includes this rose wine made from Sauvignon Blanc. How on earth do you make a Rose wine from a green grape variety used for white wines? Where do you get the red bits from?

Well first I would dispute whether it is a Rose. More a muddy white colour. It’s between an amber white and an orange Rose but nearer the white. However I accept that blush wines have gained popularity in the UK so go for it you marketing bods.

Its description on the menu is ‘Refreshing floral aromas with berries and spice’. I beg to differ. It’s alcoholic pink grapefruit juice. Totally overwhelming, no subtlety at all.

New Zealand produces some amazing wines, unfortunately that’s not what Weatherspoons is buying (no surprise there). This is the alcopop of wines. Mind you that will probably prove popular to the UK weekend drinking crowd, as the market is flooded with ‘alcoholic grapefruit juice’ Sauvignon Blancs over here.

It does not however float my boat. I think I’ll move onto a cup of tea.

Just asked Mr Google about this wine and apparently they add a hint of Pinot Noir to get the colour.

Photo by honestwinedrinker
Name: Mud House Sauvignon Blanc
Colour: Rose
Year: unknown
Grapes Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir
Winery: Mud House
Country: New Zealand
Region: Marlborough
Quality Classification: Non applicable
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: £7 a bottle UK retail price

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