Parada de Atauta 2015

The final red wine of the night at the Lavinia Tasting Class with Anna Noble. Those of you who have read the blog post on this tasting will know I was having a bad day as I had been ill. That will be my excuse for comes next. When I went to read my tasting notes on this wine I had written:

‘Last wine sombkt tasting that much. too Many tannins form me.’

I have copied and pasted the above text without altering a single thing. Basically I was a bit worse for wear. In fact, as I recall, I managed to break a glass at this point…..Oops! so sorry!

Now I would not normally be that inebriated from a few tastings. It is not unusual for me to knock wine back by the bottle. But the reality is that some nights you are chaffing at the bit for a drink and it causes few problems, other times one glass and you’re completely pissed. I think I was suffering the latter on that night. Fortunately I did fill in all the tasting boxes of the WSET app so the tasting was not a complete wipe out.

This wine is from the D.O. Riberia del Duero, which is a wine area that runs East/West along the River Duero just East of Valladolid. It is one of the best known red wine areas in Spain and you will find a glass of Ribera del Duero in most bars. In fact it’s one of my favourite areas and I regularly enjoy a glass of young reds from this region. It is less well known outside of Spain, which is a shame as it’s wines easily rival those of its more internationally known cousin, Rioja.

Made from 100% Tempranillo, or Tinto Fino as it is known in this part of Spain, it is matured for 12 months in 225lt barrels of French oak of which at least 50% is new oak. It has since then spent a further couple of years maturing in the bottle. If you read the fun fact of the day this morning you will know that this amount of maturation should give the wine the title of Crianza, but it doesn’t and I have no idea why.

This is a clear, medium intensity, ruby red coloured wine, with a medium nose of red berries, blackberry, earth and oak. It’s a dry wine with medium acidity, medium body and high tannins. Beyond that how it tasted is anyones guess. The tannins were too high for me and I clearly switched off, so I have no idea if it was a good wine or not. Given that it was personally picked by Anna, I’m pretty sure it must have been a good example of a meatier red from the Ribera del Duero, so by all means give it go if that’s your style.

Photo by thehonestwinedrinker
Photo by thehonestwinedrinker
Name: Parada de Atauta
Colour: Red
Year: 2015
Grapes 100% Tempranillo
Winery: Dominio de Atauta
Country: Spain
Region: Ribera del Duero
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origen
Alcohol: 15%
Price: 18.9€

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