Bodegas Sobreño, D.O. Toro

Another wine tasting at time a selection of red wines from Bodegas Sobreño in the Denominación de Origin Toro. D.O. Toro is based in Castilla Leon on the River Duero further West from the better known region of Ribera del Duero.

Red wines here must be made of the grape variety Tinta de Toro and Garnacha. Tinto de Toro is yet another name for Tempranillo. According to Bodegas Sobreño, whose wines are 100% Tinto de Toro, it is actually a clone of Tempranillo that is designed to be better suited to Toro region climate. I’m not clued up enough on grape cultivation to know the difference.

The climate in D.O. Toro is cold nights and hot days where at it’s worst the temperature can drop from 45c down to 10c. That’s a big temperature drop. Bodegas Sobreño describes cultivating Tinto de Toro in this environment as a labour of love. The climate is at the extreme of what the grape can tolerate. It produces small grapes, with thick skins which can overripe very easily and lose their acidity if you’re not careful.

Basically they’re a pain to grow but Bodegas Sobreño is dedicated to fostering the local grape.

Of the four wines we tasted that evening two were organic. They have a small area certified as organic and are in the process of trying to expand this.

For more information on Bodegas Sobreño and the D.O. Toro please click on the images below.

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