Maggie’s Voice

I’ve had some feedback on the ‘Here’s What Maggie Thinks’ podcasts and it seems some of you feel she should have a different voice. We appear to be entrenched by the idea that a doll should have a higher pitched voice. I’ve always thought Maggie had a lower sexier voice myself. Let’s be honest, those of you who know Maggie are aware that she drinks too much and has been about with far too many members of the opposite sex to sound like an innocent doll any more.

Some of you also found it a bit distracting that Maggie’s voice is very similar to mine. Well duh! We’ve lived together almost all our lives so obviously we’ll sound similar.

Anyhow, me and Maggie have been experimenting with the pitch and speed of her voice, which the ap we use allows us to do. Below is the original Maggie podcast in three different pitches: higher, original and lower. This is the most we can vary it without spending unnecessary money on voice changers.

Let me know which you prefer and I may take note. I do value your opinion, but ultimately it will be Maggie’s choice and she’s a very stubborn doll at times.

The Original

 Higher Pitched

Lower Pitched

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