Madrid Romero Roble 2016

The fourth wine from the Bodega Madrid Romero wine tasting at Madrid & Darracott. Like the previous red wine this is a Monastrell and Syrah blend but this time aged for 6 months in French oak barrels.

It has a darker purple red colour than the young wine with a medium scent of red and black berries plus some wood and perhaps a bit of nut. It smells quite promising in fact. Unfortunately it doesn’t follow through on flavour. I got my usual dose of sour that accompanies red wines over a certain level of tannins and acidity. So I asked the rest of the group, it appears they didn’t really get any distinct flavours either.

Checking the bodega’s website they describe this wine as:

This medium-bodied crianza roble red wine 2016 with its ultimate fruity aroma expression maintains a perfect balance during the aging process in French oak barrels. Its Mediterranean character is a way for the winery to pay tribute to the identity of the D.O. Jumilla wines made with the local Monastrell grape.

Hmm it talks of the aroma but not the flavour. Perhaps it’s not supposed to taste of anything in particular. I agree it is a medium bodied, dry wine with medium plus tannins. I also agree it has a nice aroma and you can tell it’s been aged a bit, but frankly I’d rather it actually tasted of something defineable.

As you can tell this was the group’s least favourite wine of the evening.

Photo by
Photo by
Name: Madrid Romero Roble 2016
Colour: Red
Year: 2016
Grapes Monastrell, Syrah
Winery: Bodega Madrid Romero
Country: Spain
Region: Jumilla
Quality Classification: Denominación de Origen
Alcohol: 14.5%
Price: 14€

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