Museo de Productos Tinto

Another quicky wine drunk this week on a visit to Toledo. It was served as part of the Menu del Dia in a restaurant called Museo de Productos de Castilla La Mancha. The wine was named after the restaurant and it’s a basic table wine from the Castilla La Mancha región.

Now I don’t normally write up these wines. This is a table wine from Spain’s largest wine producing region where they churn the stuff out. It is not something you would associate with quality and let’s be honest if I had to write up every wine I’m given with a menu del dia we’d be here forever.

However I decided to make an exception with this one because I liked it and to show those of my followers who don’t live in Spain what a wonderful place this is: this is the wine they give you for free with your lunch. This is the base point from which you judge all other wines. If I can have this for free with my meal then I expect much more when I pay 10€ plus for a bottle of wine. Now I know that 10€ is nothing in many countries but here it is. The wine competition is tough in Spain.

The first pleasant surprise of the day was that the wine was served at room temperature. Usually the red wine is slightly chilled when it comes with the Menu del Día. I’ve always assumed it’s because it is cheap wine and the chill disguises the flavour, but I’m now beginning to think the Spanish just like their red wine cold.

It is a clear pale purple with a lovely fruity scent. A young simple dry light with low tannins and acidity, but bursting with fruity berry flavour. The wine equivalent of alcoholic Ribera.

OK this is not a complex wine, but it is young and fun. A highly drinkable and enjoyable wine, especially given the fact it cost me nothing.

I love Spain!

Photo by
Name: Museo de Productos de Castilla la Mancha
Colour: Tinto
Year: unknown
Grapes unknown but probably Tempranillo and/or Garnacha
Winery: Museo de Productos de Castilla la Mancha
Country: Spain
Region: Castilla la Mancha
Quality Classification: Table Wine
Alcohol: 13%
Price: 3 course lunch plus half a bottle of wine is 11€

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