Viña Tondonia Blanco Reserva 2005

The first wine from the Eat Out Madrid wine tasting. This is something different: a Reserva white wine. Spanish Reserva wines are matured for at least a couple of years in oak barrels and then for a further couple of years in the bottle. It is a process usually associated with red wines and definitely associated with the Rioja region. However they are historically known for their Reserva white wines as well, though these days many bodegas have brought out young white wine ranges in response to modern tastes.

This particular wine was aged for 6 years in Bordeaux oak barrels, then a further maturing in the bottle for, in this case, 8 years. However the Bodega’s website currently recommends the 2004 Reserva. That’s a lot of waiting for a white wine. They also have a Gran Reserva white wine from 1996 that was in oak barrels for 10 years and then a further 10 plus in the bottle. Good grief what patience!

The Reserva white is a pale golden colour with an intense sweet aged scent of butter, nut, honey, citrus and hints of dried apricot.

A dry wine, with good body, high acidity and a nice long finish. It is not a heavy wine, nor is it oily like some oaked white wines can become. This is nicely balanced and refreshing with flavours of honey, citrus, dried fruit and wood.

A good wine with more flavour and complexity than you’ll get from a young white wine. The amount of time required to make it and its complexity justifies the 31€ price tag, but I think I’ll stick to the young whites. However I wouldn’t mind checking the Gran Reserva and as I have an upcoming trip to Rioja and will be visiting this bodega I might just get to do that.

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Name: Viña Tondoñia Blanco Reserva
Colour: White
Year: 2005
Grapes 90% Viura (Macabeu), 10% Maldesia
Winery: Bodega López de Heredia
Country: Spain
Region: Rioja
Quality Classification: Denominación de Origen de Calidad
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: 31€

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