Bodega Diez Siglos

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Another visiting bodega to from the northern part of the Rueda region. Those of my followers from other countries may never heard of the Rueda region, but any white wine visitor to central Spain will have tried a Verdejo from Rueda as this is the wine served by the glass in most bars. Those of us who live here have had hundreds of these wines and very nice they are too.

The Verdejo grape is little known outside of Spain but is basically the Iberian answer to Sauvignon Blanc. It produces dry crisp fruity white wines of incredibly good value (they start at about 2€ a bottle and most retail around the 5€ – 7€ price point), so totally my type of wine. If you like Sav Blanc then you should definitely be trying Ruedan Verdejos.


The Spanish wine industry is huge. It is the largest wine producing country in the world and one of the cheapest. This means competition is fierce, but it also means there is a niche here for everyone. Bodega Diez Siglos is a classic example of this. It has staff of 65 vine growers and according to the passionate lady who presented to us from this Bodega, they are all vegans.

Now what on earth this has to do with wine production I have no idea, but I’m glad to know the vegans have their spot in the wine making world. I’m going to assume that this means they tend towards lighter wines more suitable to pair with vegetables, so a good thing they are in one of Spain top white wine regions. They did have one red wine from over the way in Ribera del Duero, but true to form this was a young light fruity red.

Diez Siglos is a relatively young winery started in 2009, which combines traditional wine making techniques and respect for the land with the most advanced equipment. The wine is fermented in stainless steel vats and they have a machine that picks the grapes at night. Why at night? Apparently it guarantees their freshness.

The Rueda region is an Inland climate: hot days and cold nights, and the Diez Siglos vines are grown at an altitude of 780m. They recycle 100% of what they use and are in the process of obtaining organic certification which they should have by next year.

They’re all about the Verdejo grape but have started to experiment with other wines. they have a patch of Sauvignon Blanc vines which they’ve grown to do a comparison, and have just started to experiment with fortified wines from the Verdejo varietal.

The wine maker from the Diez Siglos Bodega was a lady who clearly loved her job. There were several red wine drinkers in the crowd and she was happy to admit that the lighter wines they produced may not be to everyone tastes, but for this lady it was clearly a joy to be able to play around with these wines and see what could produced.

And as for me? Well light fruit led wines are my thing so I was well happy.


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