Diez Siglos Momento Verdejo 2017

Each year the Bodega Diez Siglos takes a portion of the Verdejo grapes grown and experiments with them. Fermenting and ageing in different ways to see the effects. The Momento Verdejo 2017 was one of these experiments which produced a wine they just had to bring to market.

It is a limited edition production made from 100% Verdejo which has been fermented for 8 months in barrels of new French oak and aged on it’s own lees. The grapes used are from their oldest vines.

The wine is a clear pale lemon colour with a scent of lemon, nut roast, some apple and a hint of white peach. But the citrus and wood prevail.

A dry wine with high acidity, medium body and a lingering finish. It has a bitter taste of slightly burnt toast and unpeeled nuts, along with the usual lemon citrus. There is less of the fruits, though these might become more present if the bottle was left open for a while.

It is a good wine and more complex than the basic Verdejo we first tried. Certainly  all the red wine drinkers in the group preferred this wine, but my favourite remained the first one.

2019-04-03 22.04.33.jpg
Photo by thehonestwinedrinker.com
2019-04-03 22.04.39.jpg
Photo by thehonestwinedrinker.com
Name: Diez Siglos Momento Verdejo
Colour: White
Year: 2017
Grapes 100% Verdejo
Winery: Bodega Diez Sigloso
Country: Spain
Region: Rueda
Quality Classification: Denominación de Origen
Alcohol: 13%
Price: 9,90€

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