Canto 5 Blanco

The final offering from the Bodega Diez Siglos one tasting at This is not so much a wine as a Mosto. Basically in between a wine and grape juice. It has only 5.5% alcohol, is sweet and has a natural fizz to it. The fermentation process is cut short so that not all the sugar converts to alcohol. It is made from 100% Verdejo grapes.

A very pale lemon colour with a surprisingly light scent. It doesn’t smell like a dessert wine or a sweet wine. there is noe of the syrupy scents you usually get with these wines. It is in fact citrusy with a slight salty scent like fresh sweat. Sounds unpleasant I know but in fact was very nice on the nose.

It tastes like a sweet wine, there is definitely sugar in this, but it is quite refreshing and not cloyingly sweet despite its medium body and long finish. It is saved by its acidity levels and the pleasant fresh fruit flavours of juicy grapes and lychees.

Naturally fizzy grape juice with a citrus kick to it. I like this. it would make a good summer drink.

2019-04-03 22.03.31.jpg
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Name: Diez Siglos Verdejo
Colour: White
Year: 2017
Grapes 100% Verdejo
Winery: Bodega Diez Sigloso
Country: Spain
Region: Rueda
Quality Classification: Denominación de Origen
Alcohol: 5,5%
Price: 5,25€

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