Torre Muga

The second red wine offering from Bodegas Muga. For some reason I thought at the time that this was a Gran Reserva, but it turns out that it isn’t. Once again the lady serving us whipped the bottle away before I could photgraph it and then disappeared. However their website lists the Torre Muga as a 2015 wine. It has passed the requisite 2 years in oak barrels but not sufficient years maturing in the bottle. It is at best a Reserva. Oh well I assume Muga know what they’re about serving this wine now.

This is a mix of Tempranillo 75%, Mazuelo 15%, Graciano 10% and according to the website: ‘fermentation always starts naturally and spontaneously. The grapes will always ferment in wooden vats with indigenous yeasts and no temperature control. Maceration times can vary, up to two or three weeks. The total time that this wine spends in oak is 24 months, of which 18 are spent in new French-oak casks and the rest in oak vats. After ageing there is light fining of the wine using fresh egg whites.’

In colour the wine is a dark inky purple. A fairly pronounced scent that seems heavy on the nose. Very vegetal like raw brocoli stalks with hints of dark fruit underneath.

This is the type of red wine that I struggle with. It had good body and finish. It was dryer and had more tannins than the Gran Reserva, but was smooth on the palate. Problem is, at this level of tannins, I struggled to identify any flavours. It was a bit peppery with hints of wood/veg and I could feel the alcohol. Other than that my palate got nothing.

Probably not a bad wine if you enjoy tannic reds, but just doesn’t do it for my sensitive tongue that prefers the fruit led reds.


Name: Torre Muga
Colour: Red
Year: 2015
Grapes 75% Tempranillo, 15% Mazuelo and 10% Graciano
Winery: Bodegas Muga
Country: Spain
Region: Rioja
Quality Classification: Denominación de Origen Calificada
Alcohol: 14%
Price: €68,50


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