What Are Vinos De Autor

Yesterday I published a wine tasting for a white wine that was labelled Vino De Autor. What is that? You might ask. Well I certainly did and I have to say there was not a great deal of information available on google about this.

As far as I can tell Vinos de Autor are select wines where the entire wine making process has been overseen by a renowned and expert vintner. You could consider it a personal project where they are aiming for a wine that is of higher quality and unique. They are not necessarily made every year or to the regional D.O. Requirements as the vintner might be going for something a bit maverick.

They should always be quality, or the vintner wouldn’t put their name to it.

The best article I found, in Spanish, was from the Utiel Region, though the wine I tried was from Galicia I assume the principles are the same. The article is below:

Click on image to read the article

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