Tome Vinos Salamanca

This week I have been writing up wines from the last wine tasting at Tome Vinos is in fact a chain of shops with 10 outlets in Madrid. However I always go to Tomevinos Salamanca in Calle Ortega y Gasset. You would never know this place is part of a chain as it comes across as a small independent boutique. This is largely due to its wonderfully friendly owner Miguel who is a delight.

Miguel usually hosts one to two wine tastings a month in a dedicated area in the basement of the shop. These tastings will either be run by a particular bodega or wine specialist such as They cost between 10€ to 20€ and will include a minimum of four wines and some tapas. The wine food pairings are usually very good here. The tastings are held in Spanish but there are often a high number of English speakers present and someone to translate where necessary.

In addition to the monthly wine tastings Miguel will also open a bottle of wine every Friday lunch for passing customers to try. Finally he hosts a monthly ‘Cata de Libros’ a book and wine club. I have not yet attended this but wouldn’t mind giving it a go. To attend any of these events get yourself on the Tomevinos Salamanca mailing list by emailing Miguel at Alternatively check out their Facebook page ‘Tomevinos Barrio Salamanca‘.

I will admit that this is one of my favourite wine shops. I try to make sure I go to at least one tasting a month when travel permits it, because they are always so good. I really enjoy the wines chosen. I also love the wines available in the shop. He has a great selection of Spanish wines plus a shelf of interesting international wines. More importantly the prices are very reasonable and Miguel is always on hand to help.

If you haven’t already visited this shop then get yourselves down there now.

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