Welcome to Slovenia Wine Week

Welcome to Slovenia Wine Week and indeed a whole new category for this blog: Where in the World. Can’t think why I didn’t have this category from the start as I travel a fair bit and obviously like to try the wines wherever I go. I will write up about the places I visit here and obviously the wines drunk.

The Slovenian national flag

For the past 10 days I have been in Slovenia. I’d never heard of Slovenian wines before and when I asked around my wino friends none of them had ever tried Slovenian wine either. So imagine my surprise to find the place awash with the stuff and at very reasonable prices, about 2.50€ to 5€ a glass.

Turns out Slovenia has been making wine longer than the French and claim to have the oldest vine in world in the town of Maribou (I must visit some day). Trouble is it is a small country, about the size of Wales, and wineries here have been passed down through families and remain very local and small. The average production of each wine is about 2000 to 8000 bottles a year. Add to this that the Slovenians love their wine and pretty much drink the lot, it doesn’t leave much room for export.

So if you want to try Slovenian wines then you really need to visit the country. Trust me this is not a hardship as the place is stunning, the people so friendly, the food is fantastic and the prices low.

What are you waiting for? Book that flight now!

Over the next week I will post articles from my favourite wine experts about Slovenia and share what I have learned from various wine tastings, along with the tasting notes of the wines I have tried.

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