Intro to Slovenia’s Wine Regions & Grape Varietiesj

Slovenia has been producing wines for over 2000 years and is geographically well placed for grape growing. It has three main wine regions sub divided into nine districts (see map below and don’t task me how you pronounce this stuff)

Map courtesy of

The Prodravje region in the North East has cooler temperatures and is known for it’s crisp white wines and lighter reds. Primorski in the West has a milder climate and is known for its bolder more full bodied reds. Posavje in the middle is a compromise between the two and includes the district Cvicek which is famous for Rose wines particular to Slovenia. All regions produce Red, White and Rose wines though countrywide the mix is 75% white to 25% red (excluding the rose wines).

Slovenia also produces a category of wines known as Orange, but more about this later.

There is a great selection of wines on offer in Slovenia with somewhere between 40 to 50 different grape varieties in regular use. Some of these were totally new to me 🎉 hoorah I love trying new grape varieties 🎉. Unfortunately the sheer quantity of grape varieties meant I was unable to check out them all. I’ll just have to visit again. 😁😁

They produce about 80 million litres of wine a year but most wineries are small and each wine is made in batches of 2000 to 8000 bottles a year. Pretty much all grape picking is done by hand and traditional wine methods used as wineries are passed down through families.

The Slovenians like their wine and most wine produced is sold nationally. Having said that they are starting to gain recognition in Europe and slowly in the rest of the world with at least one winery making it regularly into the top 100 globally and a number of wines gaining international accolade and recognition.

For more information especially about the grape varieties check out this great article below by which goes into greater detail:

Click on image to open article

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