Blazic Rebula 2017

I tried this lovely white wine in a cute little wine bar next to Lake Bled. The perfect setting. The Rebula grape variety, as it is known in Slovenia, Ribolla Gialla as it is known in Italy, is a new grape for me. It turns out I love this grape ­čśü­čśü.

I tried four Rubula whites on this trip and loved three of them (one was a bit rough but all the wines in that bar were rough, so I think it might have been a storage problem). However this one was by far my favourite.

It is a lemon yellow colour with a medium scent of citrus, white fruit (think sweet red apples) and a hint of honey.

A dry wine with medium plus acidity, light to medium body and a slightly lingering finish but not long.

The acidity is well balanced and refreshing, giving it a citrus tang. The fruit flavours come through and the slight honeyed finish is lovely.

Photo by
Name: Blazic Rebula
Colour: White
Year: 2017
Grapes Ribolla
Winery: Blazic
Country: Slovenia
Region: Goriska Brda
Quality Classification: Controlled Geographoc Origin
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: ÔéČ2,50 per glass in the bar

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