Pupis Teran

This was the final red wine at Lake Bled and another new grape variety: Teran. Later research uncovered that Teran is a member of the Refosco family of grapes that are known for high acidity and if harvested too early harsh unripe tannins. Well they must of harvested these grapes correctly because I had no problem with the tannins in this one.

The wine was a purple colour but I couldn’t tell the intensity in the fading light.

It had a medium to pronounced scent with strong fruity aromas of plum and dark berries, It also had a wet mineral/mossy scent.

I enjoyed this wine. It was dry with high acidity and medium low tannins, and whilst this did give it a slightly sour flavour the plum fruit came through nicely, as well as a bit of mineral that reminded me of fresh rain on mossy stone.

According to the label this is a wine rich in iron and Lactic acid. The low alcohol and high acidity aid digestion and stimulate the appetite. Well I don’t know about that but it was something different and very drinkable.

Photo by thehonestwinedrinker.com
Photo by thehonestwinedrinker.com
Name: Pupis Teran
Colour: Red
Year: Unknown
Grapes Teran a type of Refosco
Winery: Klet Pupis 1879
Country: Slovenia
Region: Karst
Quality Classification: unknown
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: €3 per glass in the bar

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