Joannes Protner Renski Rizling 2016

The second white wine from the at Dvorni Bar. This 2016 reisling has been aged in large oak barrels for at least 6 months. It is from the town of Maribor, where apparently they have the oldest grape vine, and is named after a medieval saint who was a monk that was drowned in the river after he fell out with the royal family. They have a number of shrines to this saint along Slovenia’s rivers.

It was hard to see the colour in the dim cellar lighting as it was quite pale. But the scent came through loud and clear of butter/petrol over pineapple and lime and perhaps some yeast.

An off dry wine with noticeable acidity, good body and a lingering finish. The lime dominates with overtones of petrol/oil and hints of tropical fruit.

I liked this wine as I always enjoy the petrol wines. They sound so bad but taste so good.

Photo by
Photo by
Name: Joannes Protner Renski Rizling
Colour: White
Year: 2016
Grapes Reisling
Winery: Joannes Protner House
Country: Slovenia
Region: Stajerska Slovenija
Quality Classification: unknown
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: €9 a bottle retail price in Slovenia

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