Martincic Cvicek 2018

Another wine from the at Dvorni bar. Cvicek Rose wines are specific to Slovenia. They must come from the Dolenjska region and be made from the grape varieties: Láski Reisling (reisling), kraljevina, Modra Frankinja (Blaufränkisch) and Zametna crnina (Zametovka).

Most Rose wines are made from red wine grape varieties. The grape juice is left in contact with the skins to give the wine it’s colour, similar to red wine, but with much less contact time so that the colour is pink rather than red.

The Cvicek Rose wines of Slovenia are not made this way. Of the four grape varieties used two are white wine grapes and two are red wine. Four separate wines are fermented (two white and two red). The final products are then mixed together to produce a Rose Wine.

This wine has a deep rose colour going on red and a light to medium intensity scent of sweet red berries: strawberry and raspberry. The scent is almost syrupy.

However it doesn’t taste anything like it smells as it has seriously high acid levels. The acidity is a shock after the syrupy scent and it takes the tongue some time to adjust. Once it does you start to get the berry flavours but it’s a struggle.

Our host for the evening said that most tourists who come to these wine tastings do not like the Cvicek Rose as they are not used to high acidity. I agree with him. It was my least favourite. Apparently it is a bit of an acquired taste and the wine is mostly drunk by locals.

Photo by
Photo by
Name: Martincic Cvicek
Colour: Rose
Year: 2018
Grapes Láski reisling, kraljevina, Modra Frankinja and Zametna crnina
Winery: Martincic Winery
Country: Slovenia
Region: Dolenjska
Quality Classification: PTP
Alcohol: 10%
Price: €9 a bottle online price

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