Altares de Postmarcos Albariño Lias

Albariño is probably one of the best known white wines from Spain on the international market and a classic refreshing summer tipple. The majority of the Albariño wines come from the Rias Baixas region in Galicia. This bodega, Entre os Rias, is located just outside the Denominación and therefore is classified as a Vino de Tierra and this wine tastes nothing like the Albariños I’ve had previously. However don’t let this put you off as it has been awarded some seriously good points by the various wine experts.

According to the website this wine is ‘Monovarietal 100% Albariño. Maceration prior to gentle pressing. Fermentation with controlled temperature in steel tank. Wild yeasts Natural malolactic fermentation, after which a lees work of 4 months is carried out. The lees remain in deposit until filtering prior to bottling. Bottling after 18-24 months and then a minimum of 3 months before the bottle is placed on the market. Production of 10,000 – 12,000 bottles per year.

So basically it’s spent a lot of time on the lees and should be nice and yeasty.

It has a strong yellow colour going on golden with a surprisingly light scent of citrus, yellow grapefruit and a fusty element of over ripe apples that are going brown. Bit like cider.

It has a taste similar to cider as well: over ripe apples. It is a refreshing wine due to its balanced acidity and has a good lingering finish and the yeast comes across in the depth of flavour. There is a toasty element to it. This is clearly a good wine but the trouble is cider apples are not my favourite flavour so it doesn’t turn me on. If you’re going to leave the wine on the lees then I prefer to get a mouthful of bread or toast.

Having said that if you’re into apples and cider then you’ll love this wine.

2019-05-23 20.34.56.jpg
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2019-05-23 20.35.04.jpg
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Name: Altares de Postmarcos
Colour: White
Year: unknown but at least 2016 or less
Grapes Alboriño
Winery: Bodega Entre Os Rios
Country: Spain
Region: Barbanza e Iria
Quality Classification: Vino de Tierra
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: €12,50

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