Cien Montañas Carrasquin 2016

The final wine from the ‘Atlantic wines’ tasting at Madrid & Darracott and the only red wine of the evening. More importantly, another new grape variety for me: Carrasquin. This is a grape indigenous to the Asturias region and only 1200 bottles were made.

The Cien Montañas wines by Bodega Vidas are single varietal wines designed to show the individual qualities of the grape variety. They are only produced in years when the grapes are of an exceptional quality. The best grapes are selected by hand, and the wine is made traditionally:  crushed by foot and fermented by natural yeasts.  The wine was then aged for 10 months in a mixture of French and American oak (32% new oak).

Remember that the emphasis of this wine tasting was Atlantic wines particularly good for summer drinking, This red wine definitely meets that criteria . It is one of the few red wines I’d be happy to chug back on a seriously hot Madrid summer day. It is not unusual for temperatures here to get up to 40c, so you need something refreshing. This wine is definitely that.

A very pale ruby purple colour wine with a medium intensity scent of fresh berries with a creamy vegetal hint in the background, sort of asparagus.

It is a an incredibly light red wine. The tannins and acidity were there but were either very light or well blended as neither took over my tongue as they do with many other red wines. It is incredibly fruity. I have read in other pages that it tastes of black current. To me it tasted just like alcoholic cranberry juice and was incredibly easy to drink. I’ve had hundreds of red wines here in Spain with red berry flavours but this is the first that was totally cranberry. The creaminess might have been there, but to be honest I was so taken by the cranberry I wasn’t paying attention.

I’ve started to get into the red wines with more body, longer finishes and complex flavours, so I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed this simpler wine. But I loved it! Partly because I love cranberry juice but also because it is perfect for summer when I usually stick to white or Rose wines.

2019-05-23 21.18.09.jpg

2019-05-23 21.18.18.jpg

Name: Cien Montañas Carrasquin
Colour: Red
Year: 2016
Grapes Carrasquin
Winery: Bodega Vidas
Country: Spain
Region: Cangas
Quality Classification: Denominación de Origen Protegida
Alcohol: 13%
Price: €18

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