Three Choirs Stonebrook 2017

This was the second British white wine that I tried, but I’m writing it up first because it was my favourite. It was made specifically for Majestic Wines, which is where you buy it, and is a blend of three grape varieties: Siegerrebe, Solaris and Phoenix.

An off dry wine with a pale lemon colour and a medium intensity scent. It has a zesty lime scent underlaid by ripe green grape and a bit of lychee.

The lime flavour floods the mouth on tasting the wine, and coats your tongue with a nice medium body. Then the white fruits hit followed by a tangy refreshing lingering finish. Good balanced acidity makes this a smooth and easy Wine to drink.

This wine reminds me of some of the modern Reislings coming out of New Zealand and Australia. I really liked it. It is nicely made and includes two of my favourite flavours: lime and lychee.

Name: Stone Brook
Colour: White
Year: 2017
Grapes Siegerrebe, Solaris and Phoenix
Winery: Three Choirs Vineyard
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Gloucestshire
Quality Classification: None
Alcohol: 11%
Price: £12.99

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