Tobelos Leukade 2015

The final red wine from the Tobelos Bodega wine tasting at This is their Vino de Autor, which means it is made with only the best grapes from a specific area, usually known for its terroir.

It is 100% Tempranillo fermented in large oak barrels and then matured for 14 months in new French oak casks.

For some reason I didn’t note the appearance of this wine (probably I’d drunk too much) though the website describes it as a deep cherry red. It did have a pronounced scent of mature black fruit, some red berries, wood and spice.

It is a dry wine with noticeable tannins, good body and a long finish.

A much creamier texture with flavours of black fruit and spice. Unfortunately the tannins and acidity were too high for me. It dried my mouth and left me the usual sour sensation. Shame because it smelt really interesting and the rest of the group with less sensitive palates were clearly loving it.

Name: Leukade
Colour: Red
Year: 2015
Grapes 100% Tempranillo
Winery: Tobelos Bodegas y Viñedos
Country: Spain
Region: Rioja
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origin de Calidad
Alcohol: 14.5%
Price: 28,80€

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