A Guide to Sparkling Wines from Around the World

Summer time is here in Madrid and in the stifling heat what better to drink than some refreshing sparkling white wines, Tomevinos.com clearly agreed with us and arranged a lovely Summer Sparkling Wines taster presided over by colourfulwines.com. We were given a selection of sparkling wines from different countries to compare including a Prosecco, a Cava, a Champagne and a Moscato.

I will be writing up my thoughts on these tastings over the next few days except for the Cava which was an Arts de Luna Brut Rose. This is a wine I have tried before and I concurred with my original tasting notes which can be found here: Arts De Luna Cava.

As always colourfulwines.com made a great comparative selection of wines that gave us a really good sense of the difference between these famous sparklers. Each are made with different grape varieties and use different techniques.

Which is better?

Well that’s down to personal taste. I enjoyed all of them but prefer the dryer varieties so I lean towards Cava and Champagne. Prosecco tends to be sweeter and Moscati is like a desert wine.

Aside from the tastings I will also provide links to some of my favourite wine sites that explain the differences between these sparkling wines.

To start here is a link to a great article by Vinepair.com on the different types of sparkling white wines available in the world of wine.

Click on image to open Vinepair.com article on ‘A Quick and Dirty Guide to Sparkling Wines from Around the World

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