Maña Marisquero 2018

The third wine from the Levante tasting at Madrid & Darracott. A white wine from the Alicante region made from a blend of Macabeu y Moscatel.

I was expecting this wine to be too sweet for me because Moscatel wines usually are, but in fact is was quite refreshing. The Maña collection of wines from Bodegas Santa Catalina is aimed at modern tastes. With this wine I think they have succeeded in that aim. It is a very drinkable white wine.

A pale white colour with a light scent of tropical fruit with a floral hint underpinned by citrus notes.

Nicely dry and refreshing. Medium acidity just enough to give it the kick the tropical fruit flavours needs. To me it tasted of lychees and sweet pear with some minerality that made it seem almost frizzante (though it’s not). Light plus body with a medium finish.

Not the most complex of whites but I enjoyed this wine and would happily order it when I next pass through Alicante.

Name:Maña Marisquero

Colour: White
Year: 2018
Grapes Macabeu, Moscatel
Winery: Bodegas Santa Catalina
Country: Spain
Region: Alicante
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origin
Alcohol: 12%
Price: 6€

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