Club de Vinos Madrid

Last month I went to an Italian Wine Tasting organised by Club De Vinos Madrid. This group is run off Meet-up and arranges monthly wine tastings at various wine bars around Madrid.

The tasting I went too was done by the bar itself rather than a member of the club, so it was professionally done. I believe this is the case for most of the club’s tastings as they frequent well known and boutique wines bars.

The upside of this club is variety. You will over the course of a year get to see many of Madrid’s top wine bars. They are also not tied solely to Spanish wines but arrange tastings of wines from around the world depending on their appetite.

The frequency of once a month tastings probably fits well with many people’s busy lives and can be a nice addition to the more frequent weekly Spanish wine tastings of other places.

The not so down side is price and timing. International wines cost more than local Spanish wines. Also as a club they are sometimes picking more select and therefore more expensive wine choices. Now I’m not saying this isn’t good value for money. The cost reflects the wines being drunk and I too aim to try some more expensive wines during a tasting that I wouldn’t choose to buy by the bottle until I know what I’m getting. Frankly I would go with the same format myself. However it does mean that the price varies from 15€ to 40€ per person per tasting.

Also as they are using winebars open to the public so the time of the tasting is usually off peak about mid afternoon on a weekend. In most cases we’re talking 5pm or 6pm. Now for those of you new to Madrid this probably seems like an ideal hour. For us expats that have gone local this is practically lunchtime!

I enjoyed my tasting with this club. They’re a friendly bunch and well organised. A great club to join if you are new to Madrid and want to try a mixture of international and Spanish wines.

Check out Club de vinos Madrid on Meetup

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