Britons’ Top Reason for Choosing Wine

When choosing wine in restaurant or bar I look for a grape variety or region I haven’t tried before. However, according to research by The Wine and Spirits Education Trust, most of us either stick to what we know or go by look and price.

The top reasons for choosing a particular wine are given below.

34% I had drunk it before and loved it

33% It had an attractive label

32% A friend recommended it to me

29% It was the price I wanted to pay

29% The bottle looked elegant/classy

25% It was the cheapest I could find

24% It was the only wine I recognised

19% I picked it at random

When asked why they are not more adventurous people felt they didn’t know enough about wines to choose something different.

Well the best way to learn is through practice. So in aid of Wine Education Week, why don’t you try something new. You never know you might love it.

Data taken from the WSET article ‘Britons confused by wine terms, but thirsty to learn more. Click on the image below to read the full article.

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