Never Taste Wine When Full of a Cold

Last month I went to a private wine tasting at Madrid & Darracott arranged for the birthday of a friend of mine. (Private tastings are very reasonably priced at this place, held in English or Spanish depending on your preference, and with a choice of locations: upstairs in the shop for small groups or downstairs in a lovely airy basement room that can hold a substantial number of people. I would highly recommend this place if you wish to arrange a tasting for your community group or just for you and your friends.)

Unfortunately I woke up on the day with a terrible cold and had to drag myself from the sickbed to attend.

The first wine we tried was a dry white wine made from the Moscatel grape. This grape is usually associated with sweet wines and is known to be very aromatic and flavourful. I was a little surprised therefore to find it a bit bland.

When I mentioned this to Luke (the Darracott side of the partnership) he looked at me as if I’d gone mad. Clearly the cold was effecting my tastebuds so I took the wise decision on not writing any tasting notes that evening as they were clearly a waste of time.

Fortunately last week I was at another event Fresh Madrid, a community fair for English speaking organisations, where I was representing another group I’m involved with: As luck would have it our stall was placed next to the Madrid & Darracott stall and Roque (the Madrid side of the partnership) was handing out tasters of the very same Moscatel white wine.

This time my tastebuds were in full action and my God what a difference! This is a wine bursting with fruity flavour. Roque, the little darling, gave me a bottle to take home.

The moral of this tale is never drink good wine with a cold. Your tastebuds just don’t work. Go for the cheap stuff because you’ll not be able to tell the difference. Save the good stuff for a day when the tastebuds are on form.

Tune in tomorrow for my write up of the Moscatel wine and any women out there feel free to join Costa Women Madrid where we’ll be arranging a tasting at Madrid & Darracott in late October.

Open this article by to learn more on taste & smell

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