Juan Gil Moscatel Seco

A strange wine this one. A dry wine that seems sweet. Not at all what you expect and pretty good value for the price.

The Moscatel or Muscat Blanc grape is mainly associated with sweet aromatic white wines, but this is a dry wine.

It has a clear yellow gold colour and a fairly pronounced fruity scent. It bursts with fruity tropical flavour of white peach and melon. Because of it’s fruitiness it seems sweet, but is in fact a dry wine. There is none of the cloying tendencies that sweet wines have. It is in fact very refreshing with a clean but lingering finish. Good balancing of the medium acidity.

It is frighteningly easy to drink.

Name:Juan Gil Moscatel Seco

Colour: White
Year: 2018
Grapes 100% Muscat Blanc
Winery: Bodega Juan Gil
Country: Spain
Region: Jumilla
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origin
Alcohol: 12%
Price: 6€

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