DOC Enoteca Italiana

One of the great things about living in Madrid is the plethora of wine tastings available here. I could be out every night and have to stop myself for the sake of my liver. Most of the tastings I go to are of Spanish wines. We are after all in Spain and there are 70 DO regions here. Such a lot of wines to try. However every so often it’s nice to try something different and that is when I pop down to this lovely little bar: DOC Enoteca Italiana.

Part bar and part shop this gorgeous little Enoteca is run by Italians and stocks a great range of Italian wines. Wines by the glass start at 3€ and the bottles range from around 20€ upwards. Obviously a bit pricier than the Spanish equivalents but not too bad for a centrally located bar. The tapas featuring Italian cured meats and cheeses are delicious and the atmosphere is cosy.

More importantly the bar runs regular wine tastings to introduce you to the different wine regions of Italy of which there are 408 DOPs. Enough to leave your head spinning, so it is good to have our local Italian expert (the bar owner) on hand. The tastings are done in Spanish, but the owner speaks some English and can translate if needed. The price of the tastings varies depending on the wine drunk but is usually around 30€ and you will try at least four wines. The pouring measures at this bar are generous and the tastings are accompanied by some great food.

I have been to two tastings at this bar so far and have to say I have loved both. A great selection of wines and I really like the bar. So if you are a lover of Italian wines or just looking to try something different then get yourself down there.

DOC Enoteca Italiana, Calle del Españoleto 2, Madrid 28010

Facebook: @DOC Enoteca Italiana – Wine Bar

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