Maso Franch Bianco 2015

The second wine of the Italian Mountain Wines tasting at DOC Enoteca Italiana. Another white wine from the IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) Vignete De le Dolomiti in the Trentino region of Italy. Made from a Manzoni Chardonnay hybrid, this wine is left on it’s lees for a minimum of 24 months, part of this time in steel and part in small French oak barrels. This is another wine designed for ageing and will keep happily for up to 10 years in the bottle, according to the winery. This is a Co operative wine with each partner in the co operative growing the perfect grape for their terrain on small plots of land.

It has an intense gold yellow colour and a pronounced scent. There’s a lot o fruitiness in the scent and some oil. Others got a hint of sage.

Another super smooth, full bodied, dry white wine with a lingering finish. Beautifully balanced and structure it has that creamy oily flavour that I love from lees wines with white fruit and just a hint of citrus underneath.

A beautiful complex wine that I loved.

Name: Maso Franch Bianco
Colour: White
Year: 2015
Grapes Manzoni Chardonnay Hybrid
Winery: Cantina La Vis
Country: Italy
Region: Vignete De le Dolomiti
Quality Classification: Indicazione Geografica Tipica
Alcohol: 14%
Price: 24€

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