Pardevalles Albarín 2018

The second wine at the Itsy Bitsy Bodegas Tasting by Devour Madrid. This white wine come from the Tierra de Leon region and uses a lesser known local grape Albarín. Apparently it was in danger of being lost in that region and the winemaker, Rafael, bought land with these vines specifically to save and cultivate this grape. He started producing the wine and for four years no one bought it. Then finally he gets a visit by a German wine connoisseur who loved the wine and started to recommend it. Since then the bodega has exported 70% of their wine and the remainder is slowly being accepted in Spain.

Personally I’m very pleased that Rafael stepped to save this grape as I love this wine. It has a very pale straw yellow colour, almost white, with a medium intensity scent of passion fruit, grapefruit/gooseberry and a hint of toast. The latter comes from the 3 months spent on the lees, however I didn’t get any yeast in the flavour. It is in fact a super clean tasting wine like a refreshing champagne sorbet. The fruit flavours are subtle and balanced and the finish is fresh and herbaceous. It acts almost like a palette cleanser but has good body. I’ve always loved these sort or wines.

Name: Pardevalles Albarín
Colour: White
Year: 2018
Grapes 100% Albarín
Winery: Pardevalles Veñedos y Bodega
Country: Spain
Region: Leon
Quality Classification: Vino de Tierra
Alcohol: 13.5%
Price: 8€

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