Sin Blanca 2017

Interesting name for a red wine ‘No White’. Named so because it is made from a blend of red wine grapes with no white wine grapes, namely Juan Garcia, Bruñal, Bastardo, Tinta Madrid, Rufete …… etc. Why the etc? Because Jose who runs the small family winery, El Haro y El Garabato, doesn’t actually know exactly what grapes and percentages were used. The winery was started by his Grandfather who planted the various vines in a higgledy piggledy fashion with different varieties mixed together in the same areas and they still crush the grapes with their feet rather than by machine.

I’m surprised it’s able to carry the label DO Arribes del Duero due to the high variety of grapes used, though 85% of the wine is the Juan Garcia grape. Anyway this is a classic example of where the Denominación de Origen system does not guarantee quality, because this wine was reminiscent of some sort of home made garage wine. It was rough!

It has a medium intensity purple colour with a slightly creamy/earthy black currant scent. In fact it smelt quite interesting. However on tasting it had a bitter flavour and a coarse finish. There was definitely dark fruit in there somewhere but lost in the harshness of the rest of the wine.

Shame really because these are some lesser known grape varieties and I now don’t know whether the harshness came from how the wine was made or if these grapes always produce that flavour. More research is required. Given that the wine was made in a more traditional manner which is known to produce concentrated flavours I have not given up hope. I need to try a more modern version.

Name: Sin Blanca
Colour: Red
Year: 2017
Grapes 85% Juan Garcia, Bruñal, Bastardo, Tinta Madrid, Rufete
Winery: El Hato y El Garabato
Country: Spain
Region: Arribes del Duero
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origin
Alcohol: 13.5%
Price: 14,30€

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