Tierra Blanca 2018

The first of three wines tried on a recent trip to the Mijas Costa in the Malaga region.

This first wine caught my eye because it’s from Arcos de la Frontera and I’ve never tried a dry wine from there before. Didn’t know they made them. The region which is inland from Jerez is better known for sherry and indeed this bodega primarily produces aged sherry vinegars. However in the 1980s they decided to branch out and produce some table wines.

Tierra Blanca is a young white wine made of a blend of Palomino Fino and Reisling. It has a pale straw colour and a light scent of white fruit and citrus.

A light body and finish with medium acidity this is an uncomplicated easy to quaff wine. It tastes of green grapes and white melon with a citric finish.

It is as advertised a basic but drinkable table wine.

Name: Tierra Blanca
Colour: White
Year: 2018
Grapes Palomino Fino & Reisling
Winery: Bodegas Paéz Morilla
Country: Spain
Region: Arcos de la Frontera
Quality Classification: Vino de España
Alcohol: 11%
Price: 5,99€

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