dÓrio Malvar 2016

The first wine at a tasting for costawomen.com at Madrid & Darracott where the ladies were introduced to some wine regions outside of those usually served in the bars here. Given that we are in Madrid it was on,y right that we should try at least one Madrid wine. I was surprised that our host Luke chose a white wine as in my experience Madrid white wines are a bit lacklustre. I should have known better than to question his choice as there was nothing lacking about this wine. It was totally unexpected.

This wine is made by Bodegas Andres Diaz in the wine region to the West of Madrid city near Navalcarnero. It made from the local Malvar grape, which I have tried before blended with Airén. The wines I tried before were OK but a bit bland. This however is made from 100% Malvar and has been barrel aged for an unknown period which gives it a lot more interest.

It has a pale golden colour and a pronounced scent that is sweetly fusty. Reminiscent of the traditional style white wines of Spain pre the 80s. That was a bit ominous as I’m not a fan of traditional Spanish white wines.

However it didn’t taste as it smells. It is in fact a very easy wine to drink. Dry, low acidity, medium body. Good tropical fruit with the taste of wood. It seems oaking the Malvar grape gives it the oomph it needs.

When I Looked this grape up it is known for it’s strong aroma, medium body and tropical fruit flavour all of which I agree with. It also has a reputation for high acidity. Now from the scent I was expecting high acidity but that didn’t come across in the wine. It was quite a smooth drink. I rated it as low acidity but perhaps it was just well matured and blended into the overall flavour,

Oddly the Bodega website has no information about this wine, only the red wines from the same brand. Shame really because it’s the first Madrid white wine that’s caught my interest.

Name: dOrio Malvar
Colour: White
Year: 2016
Grapes 100% Malvar
Winery: Bodegas Andres Diaz
Country: Spain
Region: Madrid
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origen
Alcohol: 12%
Price: 6€

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