Tágara Blanco Seco 2018

Another new grape variety, Marmajuelo, hoorah! And a new wine denominación Ycoden-Daute-Isora in Tenerife. Luke does know how to keep me entertained. This was the second wine at a tasting for costawomen.com at Madrid & Darracott where we discovered some alternative Spanish wines.

This white wine is made from Palomino and Marmajuelo grape varieties. The first is known principally for its use in Sherry. The second is indigenous to the Canary Islands where this wine is from.

It’s a very interesting wine. I really enjoyed it. It has a pale straw colour and quite a pronounced scent of fresh nettles and citrus. Never smelt that in a wine before and I like it.

A dry wine with high acidity, light body and a light plus finish. It has a clean fresh slightly mineral taste with definite leaf and herb tones. It reminded some of the group of burdock tea. There is a hint of white fruit underneath, but the leaf dominates. It is a good dry refreshing wine with a crisp acidic finish.

Name:Tágara Blanco Seco

Colour: White
Year: 2018
Grapes Palomino (Listan Blanco) and Marmajuelo
Winery: Bodegas Insulares Tenerife
Country: Spain
Region: Ycoden-Daute-Isora, Tenerife
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origen
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: 8€

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