Bodegas Frontonio

Bodegas Frontonio is a very recent Bodega set up by Fernando Mora MW, Fransisco Latasa and Mario. Fernando is one of only 5 Masters of Wine in Madrid. He was originally an aeronautical engineer with little interest in wine. Then one year his wife gave him a wine tasting for his birthday and from that moment on he was hooked. He started an incredible journey of learning p, travelling the world to experience different wine cultures, and achieving his Master of Wine title in two years, which is u heard of.

In 2008 he started making wine at home in his spare bathroom. In 2010 he met Mario and the wine making operation shifted to Mario’s Grandparents’ garage using vines planted by Mario’s Father and Grandfather. It remains to this day a micro winery making garage wines. But seriously good ones.

Bodegas Frontonio are dedicated to making good but accessible wines to the majority drinkers. I.e. wines that are flavoursome and easy to drink. The grapes are harvested by hand and then crushed by foot as it prevents the seeds from breaking and adding bitter flavours to the wine, also because they find it fun. They also use minimum technology intervention. The grapes come from small plots and they look to interpret each plot and each grape to its maximum. They seek out and rehabilitate small, century-old gardens of vines.

The vines are grown in a area just West of Zaragoza sandwiched between the wine regions of Campo de Borja in the North and Calatayud in the South. This is a central inland located area that has a hot Mediterranean climate.

Having tried four of this bodegas’ wines, at a Madrid & Darracott tasting, I can confirm that this is a very successful experiment. Their wines are great. As advertised they are tasty and accessible.

Tune in over the rest of this week as I write the wines up the wine notes.

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