Pala Fiori Nuragus 2018

This was a sneaky glass of white wine I had at my favourite Italian Wine Bar in Madrid, DOC Enoteca Italiana, when I was there reserving for another event. It was so good I had to write it up.

Also it’s another new grape variety and region for me. This Sardinian wine is made from 100% Nuagus.

A pale straw colour with a subtle scent of tropical fruit and light citrus.

This is a dry wine with low acidity for a white wine, light body and a medium finish. It has a lovely taste of dried pineapple but, like the scent, quite subtle with some refreshing herbal tones and a lingering light citrus finish.

An easy to drink nicely flavoured wine. Perfect for a warm day by a Sardinian beach.

Name: Pala Fiori Nuagus
Colour: White
Year: 2018
Grapes 100% Nuragus
Winery: Pala
Country: Italy
Region: Sardegna
Quality Classification: Denominazione Di Origine Controllata
Alcohol: 12%
Price: 3€ by the glass

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