Arthur Metz Pinot Gris 2017

The third white wine at the Christmas Wine Tasting at the Lion and Lamb this is a Pinot Grigio from the Alsace region in France. I was in two minds about this wine before trying it. Alsace is one of my favourite white wine region, but usually for Gewertraminers. I not a big fan of Pinot Grigio whites, which usually come from Italy. I’ll drink them but they’re not my first choice, it’s a personal preference thing.

Well the Alsace did not let me down because I really enjoyed this wine. It is richer and fruitier than it’s Italian cousins.

I had by this time given up trying to smell the wines. The open fire and delicious food being served had won the battle of scents.

On the tongue this is a dry, acidic, light to medium body wine with an oily/nutty fruit flavour and a lovely lime finish (medium).

According to the tasting notes this is an fuller wine than the run of the mill Italians (I wholeheartedly agree), with ‘fruity notes of apricot, peach and hazelnut and a final touch of citrus’. Well I didn’t get the peach/apricot but then I never do. It was definitely fruity but after 3 other wines it was getting harder to be more specific.

Really nice wine though.

Name: Arthur Metz Pinot Gris
Colour: White
Year: 2017
Grapes Pinit Grigio
Winery: Arthur Metz
Country: France
Region: Alsace
Quality Classification: Apellation D’Origen Protegee
Alcohol: 12%
Price: £10.99

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